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Limitless Manifestations

Its true everyone manifests we do it every day without thought or understanding it is the backbone of this place we call home, Earth(Terra Sol 3). Now lets learn to control this power for our desires, Welcome to Freedom.

What it means to Manifest

Manifesting is to imagine or ordain an event to happen, its natural to us as hybrids(humans).. No technology needed other than the internet access you currently use to learn how you have done this all the time. We are self sustaining apparatus ourselves. We create in endless ways naturally. It is so much less complicated than you could have imagined to live your dream life here and now. Never let anyone sway you from your most astonishing self that YOU ARE. Manifest with Lavish and Amazing Intent and allow us to help you.
Intro to Manifesting <<Audio>>

Sharing is Caring

The team is made up of myself and those who inspired me to want to do this work of bringing the rest of humanity into the knowing. We have been here for many generations with only random souls expressing these teachings. It's really a shame to have all this power and not use it to benefit ourselves and others. Our best time in this adventure can be experienced individually by using the principles of law of assumption.

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We are seeking Manifesting success stories for our Sands of the Mind podcast on spotify.
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